Artwork by Monica Gunderson

Barn Owl Mural 2013 - Artist Monica Gunderson


Barn Owl Mural


I live in an interesting modern century Eichler designed home with several add-ons. The homes current foyer or entryway was once outside, and now when you first walk through the front door, there is an interesting indented space located at the top of the wall facing the front door. The rectangular indent is towards the top of the wall and appears at one time it may have been a small window or it was a spot for a window air conditioner that was boarded up and painted over. At first, I was unsure what to do about it, and it was a bit of a surprise since when I first viewed the house, the residents had still lived here and had hung a huge mirror over this strange indented wall space. When brainstorming what to do with this odd space, I thought that the surrounding panel wall gave it a rustic or barn feel. With that in mind, I decided to paint a family of barn owls roosting in the indented space. It is super cute, and I love how my house guests are greeted with this cute family of barn owls mural.

Barn Owl Family Mural - Artist Monica Gunderson

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