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Replica of Akrotiri Fisherman Mural 1999 - Artist Monica Gunderson


Replica of Akrotiri Fisherman Mural 1999

Papachinos Greco-Roman Restaurant

1212 J St, Modesto, CA

This was my first mural I had painted in Modesto California, and was maybe about a year after I had moved to California from Washington State, being my first big art gig in Modesto. The mural is about 14 feet tall and 8 feet wide and is painted inside the Papachinos restaurant. The owner of the restaurant wanted me to replicate The Fisherman Akrotiri fresco mural from the Aegean island of Thera (modern-day Santorini). I was requested for it to look banged up, decaying and old, just like the original. I had used my faux painting techniques to give the mural and surrounding wall area to appear ancient, and referred to the picture of the original fresco mural the restaurant owner had provided me with. The mural is still viewable at Papachinos restaurant in downtown Modesto, and has my maiden name, "Pflaum", in the signature since the mural was painted before I was married and took on the last name, Gunderson.

Almost fifteen years later, my son had the opportunity to visit Greece with People to People and was able to see this mural in person. He was unable to take a picture of it since visitors were advised not to take pictures of the old fresco murals. I guess I will have to visit Greece and its islands so I can view the original fresco mural myself.

Replica of Akrotiri Fisherman Mural 1999 - Artist Monica Gunderson / Pflaum

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