Artwork by Monica Gunderson

Taste of the Valley Mural in Vintage Faire Mall 2016


Taste of the Valley Mural


Vintage Fair Mall, Modesto, California

Artwork by Artists Monica Gunderson, Muth and I. Hooper

The Taste of the Valley Mural was a group project with the local art group, Modesto Artist Salon. The Artists completed this painting within three days, right before Taste of the Valley's grand opening day in the Vintage Faire Mall, Modesto California. The store is currently gone, and the mural is painted over, but it was a fun project with local Modesto Artists.

Taste of the Valley may not be located in the mall anymore, but you can still purchase yummy almonds, dried fruit, yummy produce and local handcrafted items at local farmers markets through Sunblest Orchards.

View pictures of the mural in progress.

Taste of the Valley Mural - Vintage Faire Mall Modesto CA - 2016

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