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Notice of Copyright

Copyright - Fine Artist Monica Gunderson


Notice of Copyright!

NOTICE: ALL of my artwork is copyrighted and are protected by law. Please DO NOT reproduce, copy, create "derivative works" (artworks based off of my original work), display my artwork without my permission or selling my artwork or selling artwork that is derived from my original artwork for profit without giving me (the original owner, artist, and creator) credit and compensation.  I do allow sharing on social media outlets, but please be sure to credit the artist. This means that you need to include my name (Fine Artist Monica Gunderson), the name of the artwork and a link to my website within the post. If these requests are not met, I will request for you to take the image down, or I will file a report a claim of copyright infringement if it is not taken down immediately or if there is any sort of debate or argument involved. This is my business, and the only way I earn an income due to my chronic back pain. I take my business VERY seriously! 

Contact Me if you have any questions. Thank You for your Understanding! 

Fine Artist, Monica Gunderson *~


Monica Gunderson Fine Artist

Modesto CA