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Tuscan Mural - Artwork in Progress

Artwork in Progress

Faux Painting


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Tuscan Mural

Artwork in Progress

Interior Design

Fine Artist Monica Gunderson

11/17 - 12/11/2014

Tuscan Mural that I had painted on my kitchen wall. The kitchen is located in the middle of the house, and there are no windows except for one looking out in the living room. I painted the Tuscan mural in order to open up the kitchen and lighten it up a bit, and it has helped immensely!

The idea for the Tuscan Mural came to me from seeing vineyards in California. I looked at several pictures of rolling hills, vineyards, and came up with this landscape of vineyards with poppies in the foreground. California has a lot of poppies, and I really like their color, in addition, I think the poppies helped balance the overall design in the kitchen.

I had used a faux ragging technique on the kitchen walls surrounding the Tuscan Mural to give them that old Italian wall look. From there I had added the fine details using a small brush and then blotched these areas with the rag.



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If you are interested in having a mural brighten up your home or business, email me through my contact page.

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