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Hawksbill Sea Turtle Acrylic Painitng

Hawksbilled Sea Turtle © 2013 Monica Gunderson - All Rights Reserved; Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited 


About the Art.... Why Paint Sea Animals?

Lately I have been compelled to paint sea animals. I think that these creatures are very beautiful and unique and deserve recognition. Many of these animals are endangered due to human contact, and what really sparked my interest in painting them is the disaster from Japan's nuclear site, Fukushima, that and occurred from the earthquake in April 2011. This struck a chord with me because my hometown is located near Hanford nuclear site which was built next to the Columbia River in Washington State. From my time living near this nuclear site, I have learned to know and understand the effects of nuclear leaks and hazards through teachings at school and also through my own research. In addition, there has been garbage accumulating in our oceans for many years and there is currently a large island of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean called "Great Pacific Garbage Patch".  This is also very disturbing because this garbage damages our oceans as well as the animals living in it. I am in hopes that my paintings will inspire people to be more cautious of our seas and oceans and look toward to safe and renewable energy sources.

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