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Being Busy is Good, Right?

July 30, 2015 at 6:44 PM

Busy Bee

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Busy Bee Artist, What Would I Rather "Bee"?

I have been keeping myself busy lately with painting, drawing, showing and selling my artwork at events and moving this whole art business thing forward. Currently, I have finished up a painting titled "Monkyflowers" that will be on display at the mixed media show, "Interdisciplinary Art" at the Multicultural Arts Center in Merced California. The opening reception for this exhibition will be on August 14th, for more details, read my blog post, "Interdisciplinary Art". I have also been participating in activities with the Northern Californian Women's music festival by showing and selling my artwork and also attending meetings and assisting with their fundraising events. The next big event with them will be the main event on October 24th at the Fat Cat in Modesto California. In addition, I have a few more events coming up in August such as the Central Valley's Flip-Side Hair Battle with Jazzy J on August 8th, Modstock on August 9th, the Third Thursday Art Walk in downtown Modesto, and don't forget about House Vibes at the Boardroom which features House Music, and artists creating their artwork live. If you are interested in painting, drawing, or doing some artwork during House Vibes, drop by the Boardroom on any Sunday between 2 and 6pm in downtown Modesto and talk with Pete Carreon and we will make room for you. For more information about these upcoming events, please visit my Event Page, there is more to come!

Not only do I have all these events coming up and passing by, but I have also been doing a lot of artwork. As mentioned, I currently finished my painting titled "Monkeyflowers", but I have also finished a new hand-drawn card, "Harpy's Song", and am currently working on a drawing based off of a picture that I took of Moloa'a Bay in Kauai from the balcony of the beach house that I had stayed at in June 2015, and am also working on another sea animal painting titled "Humpback Mother". The humpback whale painting I had started in the beginning of February 2015, but had stopped working on it due to issues with my right (dominant) hand. After six months of practicing painting with my left hand, I have now taken up the painting again, dusted it off, and started painting it with my left hand. I had restarted painting this artwork during House Vibes last Sunday on July 25, 2015, and will be bringing it back to House Vibes every Sunday until completion.

As far as my right hand and arm goes, I am not entirely sure what is going on with it. The last time that I had seen my doctor, he informed me that I had trigger thumb. After getting a cortisone injection, I was able to bend my thumb again, but lately my right thumb, wrist, and arm has been experiencing pain when I begin using it and the more I use it, the more it hurts. I am hoping to find out what is going on with it soon and am in hopes that it is something that can be remedied. However, despite my health issues, and others that I have not disclosed, I refuse to give up! I am not able to work a "regular" full time or even part time job due to health reasons, but I am determined to focus on my art and see it as my own business. I am in the process of getting things prepared and readied to make this my own business and in hopes that the income I receive from my work will help support my family and being able to do what I enjoy most and take pride in, which is my art. It is not an easy task, but I am not the type to take things lying down, even if that means I have to learn how to paint and draw with my left hand, my toes, mouth, or whatever other means I can, it is going to happen! I refuse to give up, even if my body protests!

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