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December 17, 2015 at 6:27 PM

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What to Get Your Artist Friend for the Holidays?

When getting an artist gifts for the holidays, the first thing to know is what your artist enjoys the most. There are so many artistic and creative activities, that it is very important to know what they enjoy doing. I mean, you would not give a painter a crochet set as a gift, unless they also crochet. It is the basic of gift giving, what do they like? I think the one present that would be most appreciated by most artists would be a gift card to a local art supply store. Artists never have enough art supplies, ever. That and some artists are particular of what kind of paint, canvas, paper, pencils, ink pens, etcetera that they prefer to use. If you're unsure, just ask we will be grateful that you do. Journals are also a great gift for any artist because we are always thinking of the next creative project, and having a journal or notebook to jot down ideas is a great thing to have at hand for any artist.


To narrow it down and to help get your inspiration of the best gift for an artist, here is a list I have formulated of what presents would be the best gifts for an artist. Remember; be sure to ask your artist friend questions, there are various art brands and different types of brushes. It may seem overwhelming, but if you ask, this will make your shopping easier. To give an example, there are several artist brushes made out of different materials such as sable, squirrel, hog bristle, pony, ox, goat and even synthetic bristles. Each one of these can be used for different techniques and or style. Some artists are even particular about what type of paint they use and also what colors they use. Myself, I only use primary colors and black and white. I mix all of my own colors and very rarely use a premixed color such as cherry red or burnt sienna.  So if in doubt, just ask! That or drop by for a visit and take a peek of what they have lying around their art studio.


Best Gifts for the Acrylic Painter:

  1. Acrylic Paint
  2. Pre-Stretched Canvas (of any size)
  3. Sketch Book or Drawing Paper
  4. Artist Drawing Pencils with Eraser and Pencil Sharpener
  5. Paint Brushes (specifically for acrylic paints)
  6. Palette Knives
  7. Palette
  8. Gesso
  9. Carrying case for paints
  10. Easel
  11. Canvas Board (of any size)
  12. Paint Organizer Box
  13. Painting Coat or Smock
  14. Artist Lamp
  15. Digital Camera


Best Gifts for a Watercolor Painter

  1. Watercolor paints
  2. Watercolor paper
  3. Sketch Book or Drawing Paper
  4. Artist Drawing Pencils with Eraser and Pencil Sharpener
  5. Paint Brushes (specifically for watercolor)
  6. Watercolor Easel
  7. Travel Water Paint Set
  8. Watercolor Sticks
  9. Watercolor Pens
  10. Paint Organizer Box
  11. Waterproof Pens
  12. Mediums to Change Watercolor


Best Gifts for Oil Painters

  1. Oil Paint
  2. Stretched Canvas (any size)
  3. Canvas Boards (any size)
  4. Easel
  5. Palette Knives
  6. Palette
  7. Paint Brushes (specifically for oil paint)
  8. Linseed Oil
  9. Oil Paint Diluents and Brush Cleaner
  10. Varnish
  11. Artist Drawing Pencils with Eraser and Pencil Sharpener
  12. Sketch Book or Drawing Paper
  13. Artist Lamp
  14. Painting Smock or Coat
  15. Paint Organizer Box
  16. Skin Protection (latex gloves or barrier cream)
  17. Digital Camera
    • Tri-Pod
    • Software (Photoshop, Picasa for Windows, IPhoto for Mac)


Best Gifts for Illustrators or People who like to Draw

  1. Artist Drawing Pencils with Eraser and Pencil Sharpener
  2. Sketch Book or Drawing Paper (various sizes available)
  3. Illustration Ink Pens
  4. Pencil Case
  5. Colored Pencils
  6. Software (Photoshop, Picasa for Windows, IPhoto for Mac)
  7. Illustration Markers
  8. Oil Pastel Set
  9. Artist Chalk Set
  10. Portable Drawing Board
  11. Artist Bag or Carrying Case
  12. Artist Portfolio Bag


Best Gifts for Clay Sculptors

  1. Personal Care Items (Artists constantly use their hands, so sometimes their skin on their hands become rough and dry)
  2. Clay Modeling Tools
  3. Modeling Stands
  4. Study Casts
  5. Modeling Materials
  6. Armatures
  7. Armature Wire
  8. Palettes and Scrapers
  9. Calipers
  10. Magnifiers (for detailed work)


Hope this list helps you during your Holiday and Christmas Shopping for your artist friend or family member.


Happy Holidays to You and Your Family!


Artist Monica Gunderson *~

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