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"Bow Tie Kitty" An Artwork in Progress

November 25, 2015 at 6:09 PM

unk pen drawing of a cat wearing a bowtie

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Artwork in Progress - "Bow Tie Kitty"


I had currently finished a drawing of my cat Booger wearing a bow tie. I started the sketch while visiting Peer Recovery Project, and had finished it at home. At first, I did not know what pattern I wanted to use for the cat's fur, I pondered about it for a day or so, but then it dawned on me on how ridiculously cute it would be to draw a tuxedo cat in a bow tie.  I had decided to use my tuxedo cat, Booger, as a 'model' for the picture. She never wore the bow tie mind you; she would probably rip it off in a matter of seconds. She is even a difficult picture taker, so I had to catch her "in the moment".

I have been really enjoying pointillism, so that is the artist technique I had used throughout the image. I had first sketched it out with graphite pencil, then out-lined it with black ink, and lastly filled in areas with dots of black or colored ink to create an image of a tuxedo cat in a bow tie.

View drawing in progress pictures of "Bow Tie Kitty". Hope you enjoy my progress pictures of my tuxedo cat wearing a bow tie ink pen drawing, "Bow Tie Kitty".

Original Drawing for Sale

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Bow Tie Kitty - Artwork in Progress

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