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Chronic Pain Strikes Again!

October 08, 2018 at 10:13 PM

Artist Monica Gunderson - Self Portrait

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Chronic Pain Strikes Again!

Well, here I am again, having to take it easy due to my chronic pain. I have been having a difficult couple of years and I just keep trying to press forward. In April 2018, my right hand, wrist, arm and shoulder have been acting up, non-stop instead of just off an on. It is quiet frustraiting, especially since it is my right dominant hand that is causing me problems. I have in the past started painting with my left hand, but that was when there was a cure and possible diagnosis in sight. Now I am unsure of what is going on due to lack of health insurance and lack of funds. 

I do not plan on giving up, but I have to focus on self-care. It is quiet a blow for an artist to lose their function of their dominant hand, and I am taking this time to get my mind wrapped around that fact and move forward from there. I am still vending at local events and selling my original artwork, art prints, jewlery and other creative things, but in the meantime, I am taking some self care and focusing on that. I am in hopes that soon I will have health insurance and the finances I need to continue with my passion of the arts. 

Take Care.

Fine Artist Monica Gunderson *~

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Chronic Pain Strikes Again!

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