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October 07, 2015 at 10:32 PM

Día de Muertos Sugar Skull Masks - Artwork for Sale

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Día de Muertos Sugar Skull Masks

Día de Muertos or Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that can be traced as far back as the Aztecs and is celebrated during November first and second. It is believed that during these days that the dead return home to join friends and family for the festivities. It is a time that family and friends get together in celebration to commemorate friends and loved ones who have passed away. This holiday is not about mourning for those who are dead, but instead to celebrate the cycle of life and death and to assist the deceased with their spiritual journey. During Día de Muertos, beautifully decorated alters are constructed in homes to celebrate and welcome the deceased back to their homes and are bestowed with a variety of gifts or ofrendas such as marigolds, sugar skulls, candles, chocolate, trinkets, food, beverages, toys as well as memorabilia and photographs, of the departed.  There are various other traditions that go along with the festivities including feasts, costumes, dance, music, and more.

I enjoy going to different cultural festivals, and have been attending the Día de Muertos festival here in Modesto for the past few years.  I have become fascinated with the makeup that is worn during Día de Muertos along with the beautiful outfits, colorful alters, and playful sugar skulls. These masks are the inspiration drawn from Día de Muertos and I plan on making more in the future. View pictures of the artwork in progress.


Original Artwork for Sale 

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