Artwork by Monica Gunderson

Earth Day Festival 04/18/2015

Earth Day Event at Graceada Park 2015

April 13, 2015 at 2:16 PM


Earth Day at Gearcedia Park Modesto CA 2015


Earth Day Celebration at Graceada Park in Modesto CA

Come join us for some family fun and enjoy the entertainment while learning about ways to help our planet!

I will be showing and selling artwork and art prints at the Peer Recovery Art Project booth during the Earth Day event at Gearcedia Park in Modesto CA. My artwork reflects on the animal life of our oceans in hopes that viewers see that there is an entirely different world under the sea. For many years, we have dumped garbage and toxic waste into the oceans, we need to discover new ways of recycling, and how to clean up and restore our Earth's beautiful ocean habitats. I am in hopes that my paintings will show people that we need to take better care of our oceans. These animals live in our oceans, and have no choice of what garbage and other waste that we dump into their homes. Let's work towards a better, smarter, and cleaner life for all.


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