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Emo Seahorse, an Ink Pen Drawing

February 24, 2016 at 5:16 PM


Emo Seahorse - Ink Pen Drawing

Emo Seahorse © 2016 Monica Gunderson - All Rights Reserved; Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited


"Emo Seahorse", an Ink Pen Drawing


This is another ink pen drawing that I had completed during February 2016. This idea came to mind during a conversation about what sea animals think of all of the garbage that is floating around in the oceans. I thought that Emo Seahorse is a great way to connect with our youth and bring awareness of the damage that garbage does not only to the oceans, but to the animals that live in the oceans. Could you imagine how you would feel if people dumped garbage in our yards, parks, and other public places? It would be tremendously devastating (not to mention disgusting)! We need to start thinking of ways to not only clean up the oceans and beaches, but also how to reduce and eliminate waste from ending up in the oceans and ruining the fragile ecosystem that we all need. Whether that means to reduce the use of plastics, reusing items that would generally be thrown away, recycling, getting a group together to clean up beaches, or invent something to clean up the oceans, we need to think of a better way of living for all that lives on Earth. I don't want to sound like a hippie, but I am serious, we need to start treating the oceans with respect. That and if we help clean up the oceans, Emo Seahorse wouldn't be so sad....

Original Drawing, "Emo Seahorse" for Sale.

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Emo Seahorse, an Ink Pen Drawing

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