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Kids Not Allowed in Art Museum in NY?

March 22, 2016 at 7:39 PM

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Children Should be able to Visit Art Museums

This morning I was reading my daily fill of art news when I came across and article titled "This Museum Turned Away an Awesome Art-Loving Kid". I seriously took a double take at that heading and proceeded to read. Apparently at the Neue Galerie in New York does not allow children under twelve to visit their gallery. Yep, that's right, kids are not allowed in their art museum. Is this an east coast thing? Am I missing something? Because my husband and I have taken our son to several art galleries and museums since he was old enough to walk. I live in California and do not recall any fine art museum or gallery turning away youth. In fact, we have even taken to him to art galleries and museums in Oregon, Washington, and New Mexico and where never turned away. In fact, most places offer FREE admission.

In addition, sometimes I had to take my son with me when I was taking my college course for Art Gallery Management. The professor liked him so much because she saw his appreciation for art and let him help with different tasks around the gallery. Obviously takes that were perfect for his age, but she allowed him to help in the art gallery at his young age of five or six. Yet the Neue Galerie in New York does not allow children under twelve to come in and view the artwork. I just don't get that, is the Neue is so concerned about kids will touch things, break things, or seeing explicit or violent art? While I can understand their concern, but what they could do is set up guidelines and rules. I am also sure that parents taking them to the art museum has talked o their children about how to act in the art museum.

Children should get the chance to experience art, to understand and respect it as well. How are our youth supposed to learn and experience art if places like the Neue do not allow children through their doors? Yes, I have seen children misbehave in the art museum and gallery, heck there have been a few times where I experienced the apprehension when a child begins to touch on of my paintings, I understand. Some of these incidents I felt like I would faint, but still children need to learn and experience the arts and their environment. Additionally, I am sure that the parents that bring their kids to the art museums and galleries have already talked to their child or children about how to behave in such atmospheres. If organizations turn away our youth is discouraging to our youth and to our learning and growing artists.

Although it is discouraging, Alice Choina appears to be in happy spirits. I am in hopes that the Neue will change their policy. Kids throughout the United States should have the opportunity to see and learn about art, or as Alice so sweetly says "Everyone should be allowed to enjoy art". Here is a video of Alice Choina and her message about the whole situation.

Click Here to watch her message.

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