Artwork by Monica Gunderson

Original Artwork

Milky Way - Artwork in Progress

June 01, 2015 at 2:56 AM

Milky Way acrylic painting

Milky Way © 2015 Monica Gunderson - All Rights Reserved; Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited 


This is a left handed painting that I created live during House Vibes at The Boardroom in downtown Modesto California on Sunday, June 31, 2015. My right hand is still healing, so I am still using my left hand, but am getting better with practice and am hoping my right hand will be well enough to paint again by August, 2015. Along with acrylic paint, I also used fluorescent paint which glows under a black light.

Click Here to view some pictures of the progress of the piece, "Milky Way", including images of the artwork under a black light.  I will start painting an new artwork during House Vibes sometime in July, 2015.

View original painting, artwork for sale.


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