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Finished Painting "Mother Whale"

August 19, 2015 at 8:44 PM

Humpback Whale and Calf - Acrylic Painting

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"Mother Whale", a Painting Challenge Accepted and Completed

I finally completed my humpback whale painting, "Mother Whale". I began this project during March 2, 2015, but had to stop due to my right thumb acting strange. At first, my thumb had felt like it was popping in and out of the MCP joint, but eventually my thumb became stuck in the "thumbs up" position up until I had received a cortisone injection in May 2015. After that, I was able to move my thumb again, but am still experiencing pain in my right thumb, wrist, and arm which is my dominant side. For the past six months I have been practicing painting with my left hand, but I did not work on my humpback whale painting, and actually stepped away from my "Sea Animal Painting Series" and started on a "Left-Handed Painting Series" which consists of mainly sky and landscape themed paintings.

After months of practicing painting with my left hand, by the end of July 2015, I felt confident to paint the humpback whale painting again. I painted most of it with my left hand, but towards the end of this project, I had worked on some of the major details with my right. I am getting much better painting with my left hand, but it will take time before I can heavily rely primarily on my left hand instead of depending on my right. I am still having issues with my right hand, but things are spiraling out of control. As with most health issues, sometimes it takes a while to really pin point things out and find a solution to fix or mend the problem. In the meantime, I am still going to practice painting with my left-hand, and limit my right hand until I can figure out what is going on and how to remedy the issue. I am not one to give up, so I am going to keep moving forward with my artwork, no matter what life throws at me. "Mother Whale" was definitely a challenge for me, but was very enjoyable to paint and I hope you enjoy it too. View progress pictures of "Mother Whale".


Original Painting - For Sale


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Mother Whale, an Acrylic Painting

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