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Mother Whale - Painting in Progress

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Mother Whale

Artwork in Progress

March 2 - August 14, 2015

I started painting "Mother Whale" in March 2015 before I had pain problems with my right (dominant) thumb, hand, wrist, and arm. I picked it up again during the end of July once I was feeling more confident about painting my sea animals again. This painting is done with both my right and left hands, but I am still experiencing problems with my right (dominant) thumb, hand, wrist, and arm. Still pushing forward and practicing creating art with my left hand, but am still wanting to use my right hand for the more detailed areas.

With the painting, "Mother Whale" I had first drawn up some sketches of humpback whales along with their skeletal structure. I think that in order to get the feel of the animals' body and overall form, one needs to understand the bone and muscle structure hidden underneath the animals' skin. This provides a structure of sorts to the overall form of the animal. Once I had a few anatomical sketches of the humpback whale, I used the drawings to refer back to when I started painting the whales. In my painting, I used a painting technique using plastic wrap. With this technique, I paint a watered-down layer of blue acrylic paint and then cover it with crinkled plastic wrap. I let this dry overnight, and then carefully peel the plastic wrap off of the dried acrylic paint. This gives it a nice background texture and resembles the flow of water. Once the blue textured background was completely dried, I had painted the humpback whale and her calf with acrylic paint and used some pointillism technique to add texture and color variations to the whales and air bubbles. 

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Attention: Due to unforeseeable circumstances, Monica is not taking any commission work at this time. However, Monica is still painting, drawing, and creating art! Keep up with her ever growing art gallery, all original artwork is for sale. Thank You for your understanding. 

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