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Octopus Gentlemen

February 24, 2016 at 4:51 PM


Octopus Gentlemen - Ink Pen Drawing

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"Octopus Gentlemen" an Ink Pen Drawing


This is an ink pen drawing I had created during the month of February 2016. I got the idea from an article that I had read about a colony of octopi that were discovered off of the shores of Australia. The title of the article was, "Octopus Village Found", this was the image that came to my mind after reading the title and article. I really enjoy drawing and painting sea animals, especially octopi. Perhaps I will create some sort of theme or story involving sea animals. No, it is not like Sponge Bob Square Pants, something of my own creation and imagination. Besides, I do not get my creative sea animal ideas from TV shows (although old TV episodes of Jacques Cousteau greatly influenced my love for the oceans and sea animals); I get these ideas from my own creative mind. The whole concept or reasoning behind my inspiration for sea animals is that I want to bring awareness to others about these beautiful creatures and how we should focus on better care for our oceans. That and I really like octopi; I think they are one of my favorite sea animals. Octopi are very intelligent and colorful creatures. Plus they are so interesting and unusual which makes then very beautiful animals making them fun to draw or paint.

I hope you enjoy my newest drawing, "Octopus Gentlemen". It is currently for sale in my Art Shop and will be available as art prints here soon. View pictures of the artwork in progress.

Original drawing for sale.

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Octopus Gentlemen - Ink Pen Drawing

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