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October 01, 2015 at 5:05 PM

pit bull pet portrait - ink pen drawing pit bull and yorkie pet portrait - ink pen drawing pet portrait of a pit bull - ink pen drawing
tortoiseshell cat pet portrait - ink pen drawing cat pet portrait - ink pen drawing chameleon pet portrait - ink pen drawing

Artistic Pet Portraits

Are you looking for someone to draw a special portrait of your lovely pet? Look no further, I am able to draw and paint the likeness of your furry, feathery, or scaly friend with an artistic flare! I have several pricing options as well as the availability of mounting and matting drawings. Check out the pricing below, and if you're interested, feel free to email me through my Contact Page.

What to Expect

Please be sure to check out my drawings and acrylic paintings so that you can get an idea of my art style before you make a commitment. I do ask for 40% up front before starting on any project and a sketch is available for preview before I paint or apply ink pen. Additional sketches will be an extra $20 each. All artwork is done by hand and not on the computer, so once the artwork is finished, please understand that changes will be difficult or impossible, especially with ink-pen drawings. I do allow up to five minor changes on paintings, anything after that or any major changes will be $20 an hour for paintings only. Drawings are a different story since ink is permanent and I am unable to erase or "paint over" ink. I can arrange a redo for drawings at extra cost. Also, keep in mind that art takes time, small drawings can take about a week or two to complete, but a large drawing or a painting can take a month to complete! If you are planning on giving the pet portrait as a gift, ensure that you are providing me with ample time to complete the artwork before your initial request. Please remember, I am human and not a camera or computer, so all artwork is done in my own artist style and colors or styles cannot be changed once completed, so again, please look at my artwork before I begin creating your pet's portrait. Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to creating a pet portrait for you soon!

Pet Portrait Pricing

Ink-pen drawings without matting will come in a protective plastic bag with backing for added protection. Ink-pen drawings with mounting and matting options will also come in a protective plastic bag. All mounting, matting, and protective plastic bags are acid-free which will enhance and protect your artwork for years to come. Acrylic paintings are created on canvas, all edges will be painted, and hanging hardware attached.

*Update April 2018: Monica is not taking any commission gigs at this time due to health reasons. She is still creating art and participating at local art markets, check out her Event Page for more info. Thank You for your understanding.


Notice of Copyright! ALL of Monicas' artwork is copyrighted and are protected by law. Please DO NOT use or copy the Monicas' artwork without the Artists' permission. Read more about the artists' Copyright Policy

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