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Things People Say to Artists

December 12, 2015 at 3:49 AM

Thirty Five Things People Say to Artists


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Sometimes, you get faced with stupid questions at work and have to answer it in the best (sarcastic) way possible. Well, here is my list of thirty five things that people say to artists.... Well, at least these are some of the questions that I have been asked since I began working as an artist.


1. "Are you the artist?" As they step into my art studio.

 2. "Is all of this artwork yours?" They ask while they are looking at my art in my art studio.

3. "Did you draw/paint this?" They ask this while looking at my art in my art studio.

4. "Can you draw me/pet/family/friends/everyone like a photograph?"

5. "That is expensive; I could find someone to do that for a cheaper price"

6. "Why did it take you so long to paint/draw that?"

7. "Did you do that on a computer?" or "Is that a photograph?"

8. "Can you paint a mural (drawing, painting or other art thing) for free? It would be great exposure!"

9. "I wish I didn't have to work and could draw/paint all day."

10. "Can you make me a drawing/painting that looks exactly like this artwork?"

11. "What is your real job? What do you do for money?"

12. "You should become a tattoo artist, and then you could tattoo me!"

13. "I know that this artwork is completed a few weeks ago, and I have already paid for it, but could you make these five changes and change the color scheme?" OR "You painted this for me a month ago, and I was wondering if you can add a few things to it. My friend/sister/mother/brother/cousin/grandma/stranger off the street made the suggestion, and I think they are right."

14. "Could you also draw this for me and add this and this and this to the commissioned job you just finished for me?"

15. "I see that you love drawing animals and landscapes, do you draw people too? Could you draw a portrait of me?

16. "Can you teach me/mom/dad/sister/brother/cousin/daughter/son/friend how to draw/paint?"

17. "Can you paint/draw something for me for free? We have been friends for years"

18. "Can you paint/draw something for me for free; I'm your second cousins girlfriend"

19. "If you draw/paint something for me really fast, would it be cheaper?"

20. "You are a great artist, do you paint business signs, you know like lettering?"

21. "Did you go to school, or where you born artist?"

22. "Oh you're from Washington State? You must be from Seattle! That is where all the Washington artists are from"

23. "This mask is heavy, is this it wearable?" While the person takes it down from the wall....... and while all the blood drains out of my face and I just want to faint. Please, do not touch the art. I think my heart is breaking......

24. "Can I touch your art?" While there is a sign nearby in big bold print that clearly states "Please DO NOT touch the Artwork!" Worst part, when you start to say, "No, please don't touch the art" They are already touching the artwork! *Cringe*

25. "Oh you're an artist, are you one of those crazy vegans?"

26. "God has given you such a wonderful gift! Let's pray to thank the Lord Jesus for what he has given you".

27. "Huh.... You don't look like an artist"

28. "So, do you walk around downtown asking people if you can paint/draw something for them?"

29. "Have you gone to Burning Man? I have heard that ALL artists go to Burning Man"

30. "I bet your artwork will be worth a lot of money after you die."

31. While I am drawing or painting in public and someone walks up to me and says, "What would you do if I randomly walked up to you and nudged your arm while you are drawing/painting and made you mess up? Ha Ha... Whoops! Woo, now wouldn't that be funny?!"

31. While I am painting/drawing in public and someone walks up to me and asks, "Wow, are you really drawing/painting that!?"

33. "You're so lucky that your husband allows you to be an artist and takes care of you so you're not homeless."

32. "You did not go to college to get an art degree? You're not an artist."

33. "I am not creative at all; I can't even draw stick figures."

34. "Your artwork is so expensive; no one is ever going to buy it!"

35. "Hey, I love your art.... I would love for you to draw me" some creepy guy says with foul alcohol breath. He has no idea what my art is about, but is very interested in my business card, with my cell number!


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