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Thumb Troubles: Part II

May 13, 2015 at 4:03 PM

Thumb Troubles

The Life of an Artist

Thumb Troubles

The Life of an Artist

Life of an Artist

Thumb Troubles: Patrt II

The Life of an Artist


I saw my Orthopedic Doctor in the beginning of May, and after x-rays and further investigation, I have been diagnosed with Trigger Thumb. There is no arthritis or severe damage, it is all tendon related due to overworking my hand and previous injury. I received a cortisone injection in my thumb (OUCH!) and doctor's orders are to rest it for a few months and then come in for another appointment. Upon doctors orders, I am to rest my right hand, wear a brace, and do some hand exercises. I am supposed to minimalize my tasks with my right hand, so I am still taking time off from producing artwork with my right hand. Lately, I have been painting with my left hand and am currently working on my second left-handed painting! See my first left-handed painting Here! I am also hoping to get a few more blog posts up, one of which "How to Matt an Art Print". I have step-by-step pictures of how to cut and matt an art print, but am having a difficult time with typing. After typing, my right hand gets very tired and starts to hurt. Things will work out, they always do. In the mean time, it is up to Left Hand to get the job done! I am determined to get through this!!!

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