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Thumb Troubles: Part III

July 24, 2015 at 4:04 PM

Vasilisa the Beautiful ink pen drawing

Well.... Now What?! Not Giving Up!

The Life of an Artist

As some of you know, I have been going through some health issues with my right thumb/wrist since February 2015. I thought it was getting better during my vacation in June and more so throughout July 2015, but for the past few weeks, my right thumb, wrist, and arm have been flaring up again. I am unsure whether it is because I started slowly using my right hand again and have done too much or if there is something else going on that I don't know about yet, but I am doing my best to be positive and continue to practice painting predominantly with my left hand instead of my right hand since it has been having issues.

Lately, I have painted quite a few paintings with using only my left hand, and you can view them at my "Left-Handed Paintings Series". Since July 2015, I have begun painting a little here and there with my right hand, mainly using my right hand for the fine details such as on my Monkeyflower painting, but have been also practicing these techniques with my left hand since my right is still causing me problems. This can be seen in my latest left-handed painting, "Looking Up Through the Boughs". The lines in this painting are done with my left hand because my right thumb, wrist, and arm are experiencing pain when I concentrate on using it too much. Even with this though, I am not giving up and I am continuing to paint with using my left hand.

I have also picked up using my left hand with my stippling technique. I have sketched the drawing and done the fine details with my right hand, and then use stippling technique with my left hand. The first drawing that I have done since my thumb troubles began in February 2015 is a drawing of my friend's pitbull, Angel, which can be seen here. Eventually, I want to be able to draw and paint equally with either my right or left hands so that when my right hand has a flare up, I am still able to create artwork. I don't give up easily and up for the challenge, so painting with my left hand it is!

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