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What is an Artist?

What it Means to be an Artist?

July 01, 2016 at 10:45 PM

singing harpy ink pen drawing

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What it Means to be an Artist


To be an artist there is passion, motivation, perseverance, with organization and chaos rolled up in one. Like a tormented soul who paints only beauty. It is being awake and aware of their surroundings, empathically feeling not only from other people, but all animals, plants, objects and natures elements as well. It can sometimes be overwhelming. It is being awake while sleeping. An artist dreams of all the possibilities into the wee hours of the morning, not being able to rest until the idea(s) come pouring out of their head creatively such as a drawing, sculpting, painting, writing, dancing, or some other creative outlet. An artist needs to be reckless, try new things, push boundaries, and sometimes step out of their comfort zone. Artists do these things to experience something new, because getting to know something new is to learn and to grow like the baby plant sprouting from the moist soil that is squishing between your toes. Yet artists also realized that there needs to be discipline, to be sure we draw, paint, or do something creative every day in order to grow that much more. Artists persevere, even when there are those who tell us that we are wrong or our artistic ideas won't work, we keep moving forward, learning, looking for the creative elements of everything.... We have passion in our hearts, a passion to be creative and be able sing it from our hearts or to let go and create beauty, like the dancer on the dance floor, getting down during the breakbeat. It bubbles up inside the heart like a warm fuzzy brew bubbling up in excitement.... To me, that is an artist. Artists are curious beings......

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