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Interested in getting art prints of any of Monicas' artwork? Fine art prints are available from selected drawingspaintings, and mixed media artworks. Look for the drop-down menu within selected artwork(s) for art print sizes and prices. Currently only digital art prints are available, and all art prints are ordered through a third party print shop. All art prints will be ordered on matt paper verses glossy paper. In addition, if canvas prints, matting or other art print options are desired, please contact the Artist with the details and she will get back with you as soon as she can to provide a quote. As my art business grows, more fine art print options may become available. Printing costs include the cost of the art print, the preparation of the artwork (color matching, sizing, etc.), shipping and handling.


Wish to purchase a print of an artwork that does not include the drop-down menu? Contact the Artist, and please include the name/title of the artwork, medium (i.e. painting, drawing or mixed media), the desired print size (please see prices below) and whether the art print will be matted. If matting is desired, add the color of the matting, (black or white). *Be advised, some artworks art not available for print due to surface texture of the original work, metallic paints were used, odd-shaped size or if the artwork was a commission piece. 


Please be aware that colors may be a bit off or might not "match" the original "spot on", but it will be very close. This is due to color variations in the camera, the color differentiation on the artists' computer monitor, as well as the color variations with the third party print supplier and their printing process. The Artist does the best of her ability to match colors in her fine art prints as close as possible from her original artwork. This is detailed within the Terms and Conditions of this website, feel free to read the terms and scroll down to "Color of Artworks" for more information.

Print Prices with Matting:

*Size includes matting


Square Print Prices with Matting:

*Size includes matting


Print Prices Without Matting:


Square Prints Without Matting:



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