Artwork by Monica Gunderson

Drawings for Sale

 Drawings for Sale

Select one of the themes below to discover more about the artwork or purchase drawings. Art prints are available with some drawings.

Cat Drawings

Cat Drawings for Sale


Landscape Drawings

Landscape Drawings for Sale


Mythology and Folklore


Mythology and Folklore Drawings for Sale 

Sea Animal Drawings

Sea Animal Drawings for Sale


Looking for unique ink pen or pencil drawings for home, office or dorm room decor? These unique artworks will make a wonderful addition to any room. The Artist creates drawings ranging from myth and folklore, cats, landscape, sea animals and more. Each ink pen drawing is original with the use of different artistic techniques, but mainly with the use of pointillism created by using fine-point ink pens. The pointillism drawing technique is the use of several different colored dots placed close together to form an image. The Artist enjoys using this technique because she is inspired by impressionism art as well as finds creating art utilizing pointillism as comforting. She also loves the use of color as well as color theory which is noted in her bright and vivid color use and contrasting colors within most of her artwork.

Artist Monica Gunderson is largely inspired by her surroundings from her adventures whether from exploring the city, visiting the beach, hiking, camping, discovering at local aquariums and museums and overall her surroundings and life experiences. Artworks from such experiences are later drawn from pictures that the Artist had captured with her camera, or are based off memory which generally has added flare of artistic personality. Her interest in folklore and mythology arises from her interests in learning about other cultures including her Yugoslavian lineage as well as her curiosity with Greek and Egyptian history and mythology.


Each drawing is available for purchase online and fine art prints are available for select drawings only. Select drawings currently available as art prints will include a drop down menu with pricing options. For more information about the Artists' prints and pricing, please visit Fine Art Prints.


Materials: Drawings are created with graphite pencil, fine-point ink pen and/or colored pencil on archival-grade paper. Several drawings include white archival matting, white foam board backing and come in a plastic sleeve to keep artwork from being damaged. Frames are not included. All original artworks include a Certificate of Authenticity with the Artists' signature. 

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Monica Gunderson Fine Artist

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