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Ammonite Drawing for Sale

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Ammonite - Graphite Pencil Drawing for Sale

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Graphite Pencil Drawing on Paper

(Drawing does not come with ammonite fossil)

Size: 14 x 11 inches

Price: $150.00

Story Behind the Art:

When I was in college, I took a geology course and really enjoyed it. I even aced the class and passed the final with a high score, which was not an easy task! The thing that I liked the most about the geology course was learning about the fossils and getting to draw them. I have always enjoyed looking at different rocks, formations and fossils, but this took it to an entire different level. Now I have a few fossils of my own and decided to draw my ammonite fossil. Of course, since the ammonite is from the cephalopod class, it is one of my favorite fossils. 

View Pictures of Ammonite, Drawing in Progress.

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