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Baba Yaga's House

Ink Pen and Colored Pencil Drawing for Sale


Baba-Yaga ink pen drawing

Baba yaga's House © 2012 Monica Gunderson - All Rights Reserved; Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Protection Status


Baba Yaga's House

Ink Pen and Colored Pencil Drawing on Paper

Matted and ready to be framed.

Matted with acid-free white matting and foam core board backing.

Matted Size: 16 x 12 inches

Price: $185.00

The Story Behind the Art:

Baba Yaga's House is based off of Slavic folktales of Baba Yaga, an old witch with sharpened iron teeth who ate children. Baba Yaga would will her house with chicken legs to walk wherever she wanted in the forest, and parents in nearby villages would tell their children not to wander off into the forest, otherwise Baba Yaga would eat them.

Why the chicken legs? With all of my artwork, I like to research about my subjects that I draw, paint, or sculpt. In my research about Baba Yaga and her house that walked with chicken legs, I discovered that people who lived in areas such as Russia would build their food storage sheds on top of partially chopped down trees. What they would do is chop a tree at about ten feet up, clear all the branched and would build the shed on top of the tall tree stumps. This construction not only kept some of the pests out, but also kept the food off the ground and out of the snow when it would pile up deep.

There are several stories based off of Baba Yaga, but my favorite story is "Baba Yaga and the Little Girl".

Read the Story Here.

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