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Bastet and Apep

Ink Pen and Colored Pencil Drawing for Sale

Bastet ink pen drawing for sale

Bastet was one of the most popular goddesses in ancient Egypt. Bastet was viewed as a protector of Egypt, patron of the moon, a goddess of fire, fertility, childbirth, and a bringer of dance, merriment, music, and good fortune. She is derived from the lion headed goddess, Bast who was a goddess of Lower Egypt and patron of the sun. Bastet was commonly depicted as a woman with a cat head, and was highly associated with felines. In fact, during ancient Egypt times, it was a crime to kill or harm cats. Cats were also kept at Bastet's shrine and when a cat would die, the priests would mummify the cat and present it as an offering to Bastet. Cats were also kept as pets during ancient Egypt, and there has been evidence depicted in tomb paintings that Egyptians once hunted with their cats. Bastet was even accepted as a deity by the Greeks as Ailuros. Ancient remains from Bastet temples have been discovered in the ancient city of Alexandria and even in Rome, Italy, and Pompeii meaning that Bastet was worshiped and wide spread long after ancient Egypt fell.

The mythology that is depicted in this drawing delves deeper than just the goddess Bastet, there is a story behind it as well. Click Here to read the full story behind the artwork.

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Bastet and Apep

Ink Pen and Colored Pencil Drawing on Paper

Matted and ready to be framed.

Matted Size: 16 x 12 inches

Price: $200.00

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