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Giant Pacific Octopus

Ink Pen Drawing for Sale

red octopus ink pen drawing - art for sale

Giant Pacific Octopus © 2013 Monica Gunderson - All Rights Reserved; Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Protection Status


Giant Pacific Octopus

Ink Pen Drawing on Paper

Matted and ready to be framed.

Matted with acid-free white matting and foam core board backing.

Matted Size: 16 x 12 inches

Price: $185.00

The Story Behind the Art:

As seen throughout my artwork, I really like octopi. I think they are very interesting creatures, and am fascinated by their intelligence. The Giant Pacific Octopus had captured my imagination since my first time I visited the aquariums in Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon when I was a child. In fact I fondly remember the urban legend in Washington about a monstrous Pacific Octopus named “Gertie the Pus” who supposedly lives under the Narrows Bridge that connects Tacoma and Gig Harbor Washington. Legend says that this giant octopus took refuge in the remains of the old Tacoma suspension bridge "Galloping Gertie" which collapsed due to strong winds in 1940, only four months after its construction was completed.

I remember many times during my childhood that my mother would drive over the Narrows Bridge during travel trips and I would strain to peep over the railings of the bridge in hopes of seeing this huge octopus to emerge from the watery depths of the Tacoma Narrows strait. Of course, I never did see this giant octopus emerge from the waters under the Narrows Bridge, not even a tentacle waving "hello". I remember being so disappointed that I did not see the legendary giant octopus under the Narrows Bridge, but hoped every time we crossed it that I would see it someday. I am sure that most kids probably held their breath or were petrified that this huge octopus would come out of the deep Tacoma Narrows and wrap its tentacles around the bridge, tearing it down to pieces. Not me, I wanted to see this monstrous octopus, but alas never did.

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