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tortoiseshell cat sleeping ink pnen drawing

Kara © 2008 Monica Gunderson - All Rights Reserved; Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited Protection Status


Kara, Sleepy Kitty

Ink Pen and Colored Pencil Drawing on Paper

Matted and ready to be framed.

Matted with acid-free white matting and foam core board backing.

Matted Size: 12 x 16 inches

Price: $185.00


The Story Behind the Art:

This drawing an illustration my tortoiseshell cat taking a nap on her scratching post perch. She can have quit the "tortitude" but looks so sweet and innocent while she is sleeping. When she is awake, it is entirely a different story! However, as she has aged, she has started to calm down a bit. She is a bit of a mother hen when my chronic pain flares up or I am feeling unwell. She will seriously lay with me and make biscuits on the area that is bothering me, she will follow me around the house to be sure I am "ok" and she even will place her little paws on my leg and stretch herself up so I can still give her pets on her head when I am unable to bend down. She melts my heart. 

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