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Tears of Ra

Ink Pen Drawing for Sale


Tears of Ra - Ink Pen Drawing for Sale

The story behind the drawing is based off of an ancient Egyptian myth of the origin story of the honey bee. According to ancient Egypt lore, the honey bee came from the tears of Ra. When Ra's tear drops would hit the sandy ground, honey bees emerged and they immediately began visiting nearby flowers and producing honey and honey comb. The ancient Egyptians were great bee keepers and had used the honey and the comb for medicinal, preservative, candles, sculpture, and they also had a deep spiritual connection with honey bees. In fact, in Lower Egypt one of the Pharaohs was titled as Bee King because that area was lush with vegetation and extensive cultivated lands which is a great place for bee-keeping, and yes there is even an Egyptian bee goddess. 


Tears of Ra

Ink Pen Drawing on Paper

Size: 11 x 8.5 inches

Price: $200.00

*Certificate of Authenticity with the Artist's signature included. 
*No returns accepted, all sales are final

*Shipping and Handling will be added during purchase and includes cost of packaging materials that will keep the artwork safe during delivery.



View Pictures of Tears of Ra, Drawing in Progress. 

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