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Animal Greeting Cards for Sale - Original Drawings

Greeting Cards

Animal Greeting Cards for Sale - Ink Pen Drawings

Perfect gift for any animal lover! Each greeting card includes an ink pen drawing of an animal such as raven, owl, lizards, humming bird, cats, pit bull dog and more! Ink-pen drawings are created using the pointillism technique, which is the use of several colored dots which creates an image. 

*Interested in having a special note inside written by the Artist? Use the Contact Page to make arrangements. 


Select an image below to view greeting cards with ink pen drawings or purchase original artwork. Art prints are available for all drawings in the greeting cards section.

Cat with green eyes hand drawn greeting card for sale

Emerald Eyes

Gecko hand drawn greeting card for sale

Gecko Trio

Pit Bull greeting card for sale

Pit Bull

Cats playing with toy hand drawn greeting card for sale

Cat Attack

Orange Tabby Cat hand drawn greeting card for sale

Orange Tabby Cat

crow standing on top of skull - ink pen drawing


ink pen drawing of a black cat hiding inside a Jack O' Lantern

Jack O' Lantern Hiding Place

Moonlight Owl - ink pen drawing for sale 

Moonlight Owl 

Materials: All greeting cards with original drawings are made from archival materials, come with an envelope and are sealed in a clear plastic sleeve for added protection. 

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Monica Gunderson Fine Artist

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