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Chickens Halloween ink pen drawing for sale

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Cluck or Treat

Trick or Treating Chickens!

Halloween themed ink pen drawing of three chickens dressed up for Halloween trick-or-treating. Drawn with fine-point sharpie ink pen using the pointillism drawing technique. The original ink pen drawing of trick-or-treating chickens is created on a greeting card. Halloween greeting card includes original ink pen drawing on the front of the card and is blank inside the card. Interested in having a special note inside written by the Artist? Use the Contact Page to make arrangements. 

Greeting Card comes with Envelope

Size: 5 x 6 7/8 inches

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The Story Behind the Art:

After my husband and I visited Kauaii, one of the Hawaiian Islands, I fell in love with chickens. Why you may ask? Well, if you have ever been to Kauaii, you will quickly discover there are chickens everywhere. Apparently during Hurricane Iniki which had gone through Kauaii during 1992 had destroyed many of the locals' chicken coops causing the chickens to run feral. However, when the Polynesians came to the Hawaiian Islands, they had brought the chicken with them since they needed them for a food source and when the Polynesian first settled the islands, there were no large prey except for bats and mid-sized lizards. So perhaps there were feral chickens all along, or perhaps their population increased after Hurricane Iniki.

However, my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them everywhere. They would be strutting their stuff on the beach (hee hee, chicks on the beach), through the park, and even sometimes in the grocery store with a grocery clerk shooing them out. Know I want some chickens of my own, but we would need to build a coop and have it fenced off from the cats. Perhaps someday..... In the meantime, I will be inspired to draw this beautiful bird when it comes to mind. You can see more of my chicken art on my Mixed Media page.

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