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Hide and Seek - Mixed Media Artwork for Sale

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Hide and Seek - Halloween Artwork

Mixed Media Artwork for Sale

Halloween Art - Cat and chicken

Hide and Seek © 2017 Monica Gunderson - All Rights Reserved; Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited  

Hide and Seek - Halloween Art

Chicken and Cat

Mixed Media Art: Watercolors, Acrylic Paint, Ink Pen

17 x 14 inches
Original Artwork Price: $75.00

*Certificate of Authenticity with the Artist's signature included. 

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The Story Behind the Art:

This is a Halloween themed artwork that I came up with about a cat and a chicken playing hide and seek. I visited Kauai, a Hawaiian Island, in 2015 and there are chickens everywhere! Ever since visiting Kauai, I have fallen in love with chickens. I have already had a love for kitty cats for quite some time, so this image just naturally came to me. I have a few other ideas for the adventures of cat and chicken, stay tuned!

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