Artwork by Monica Gunderson

Acrylic Paintings for Sale

Acrylic Paintings for Sale

Select either "Landscape and Sunset" or "Sea Animal" Acrylic Paintings to discover more about the artwork or purchase art. Art prints are available for select paintings only.

Landscape and Sunset Paintings

Landscape and Sunset Acrylic Paintings for Sale

Sea Animal Paintings

Sea Animal Acrylic Paintings for Sale 

See through the eyes of an Artist; her paintings reflect what she perceives in the world around her. Inspired by the impressionism artistic style, artworks are painted with the use of bright, bold and contrasting coloration, along with the use of texture, impasto and visible brush strokes. These unique and brightly colored acrylic paintings include brilliantly colored sunsets and sunrises, various landscape scenes, and exotic sea animals. Artworks are inspired by the Artists' adventures such as camping, beach going, including trips to local aquariums which inspired several of her sea animal artworks. Paintings come in several different sizes from small 6 x 6 inch pieces to large 32 x 34 paintings, perfect size to fit on either small or large walls. These are beautifully colored acrylic paintings, perfect for any nature lover who has a yearning for adventure, appreciates the beauty of the clouds dappled across sunset skies, or enjoys the vast ocean with its' exotic sea creatures. Explore, discover and learn about the artwork by selecting one of the themes above, and purchase acrylic paintings online to add to your home, office or dorm room decor.


Materials: All paintings are created on pre-stretched canvas with a few layers of gesso, acrylic paint and are wired in the back, ready to hang. There is some acrylic paintings created on canvas-board and some may have additional materials used such as acrylic paste, crackle paint or metal paints (gold, silver, bronze, and copper) which are included within the artworks description. All original artworks include a Certificate of Authenticity with the Artists' signature. Protection Status

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Monica Gunderson Fine Artist

Modesto CA