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Gaia - acrylic painting on canvas for sale

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Acrylic painting of the Mother Earth Goddess, Gaia, floating amongst the Milky Way galaxy with the Earth situated in her womb.

Certificate of Authenticity with the Artists' signature included.

Size: 24 x 20 inches

Price: $360.50



The Story Behind the Art: 

The painting, "Gaia", is based off of a dream I had about the Mother Earth Goddess, Gaia. Within the dream, Gaia was floating amongst the stars and planets of the Milky Way Galaxy, harboring the Earth in her sacred womb. The idea of the Devine Mothers' painted form in my acrylic painting, "Gaia" is based off of the study of neopagan art of the "Spiral Goddess" as well as other ancient depictions of Gaia, Mother Earth, the Devine Mother, Venus of Willendorf, and Nuit (the Egyptian Sky Goddess). These powerful depictions of Earth Mother have been discovered throughout art history from archaeology findings dating as far back as the Paleolithic times. The combinations of the ancient and historical depictions of Mother Earth and Fertility Goddess had guided and inspired the form of Gaia within my completed painting. Generally the Spiral Goddess has a spiral depicted over her womb symbolizes change, journey or continuous cycle of life (birth, life, death, rebirth), but in my rendition of Gaia, the Earth is depicted over her womb. I think I dreamt of the Earth being within the Goddesses' womb because the Earth is forever changing, along with our society and our lives overall. The Devine Goddess represents the giver of life and nourishment, so the Earth in her womb symbolizes the Goddess as the giver and nurturer of all life, future, past and present.


"This we know: the Earth does not belong to man - man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood that unites one's family. All things are connected.” Quote by Chief Seattle.

View Pictures of Gaia, Painting in Progress.

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