Artwork by Monica Gunderson

Sea Animal Acrylic Paintings for Sale

Acrylic Paintings

Sea Animal Acrylic Paintings for Sale

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Red Octopus acrylic painting for sale

Red Octopus

Jellyfish acrylic painting for sale



Sea Otter and Pup acrylic painting for sale

Sea Otter and Pup



Paper Nautilus acrylic painting for sale

Paper Nautilus

Hawksbill Sea Turtle acrylic painting for sale

Hawksbill Sea Turtle

Sting Ray acrylic painting for sale

Blue Spotted Stingray



Yellow seahorse acrylic painting for sale

Weedy Seahorse


Purple seahorse acrylic painting for sale

Purple Weedy Sea Dragon

Humpback whale painting for sale

Mother Whale


These beautiful and vibrantly colored Sea Animal Paintings were inspired by Monicas' adventures to aquariums, beaches and whale watching in California, Oregon and Washington State. During her childhood and teen years, the Artists' family enjoyed going on trips to the beach and visiting the aquariums in Oregon and Washington. She even had the experience of going on whale watch cruises when she was in Girl Scouts as well as spent the night at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport when she was in scouts. When Monica grew up and had a family of her own, she shared her love for the ocean, beach and sea animals with her son and husband. They went on many trips to the beach, whale watching, camping, aquariums and other fun adventures along the west coast. These brightly colored sea animal paintings are based off of the Artists' adventures with her family to California beaches and aquariums. Some of the paintings shown above were referred from pictures the Artist took during her exploration of California aquariums while others where based off of the Artists' memories from her experiences during whale watching, beach going and tide-pool exploration. 


Monicas' sea animal paintings are also largely inspired by the pollution and litter that is carelessly being thrown away on our beautiful oceans. The Artist had grown up in an area that was situated nearby a nuclear facility that is built near the Columbia River in Washington State and has learned about the terrible side effects that nuclear waste can cause to natural environments including bodies of water. When the earthquake in Japan occurred in 2011, damaging the nuclear facility in Fukashima, the Artist was compelled to paint sea animals. She hopes that painting and sharing her sea animal artworks will inspire people to be more aware of what we use, what we throw away and what ends up in our oceans. Read more about the Artists' Sea Animal Paintings in her Artist Statement.


Materials: All paintings are created on pre-stretched canvas with a few layers of gesso, acrylic paint and are wired in the back, ready to hang. All original artworks include a Certificate of Authenticity with the Artists' signature. 

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