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Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling


During COVID-19 (coronavirus), Artist Monica Gunderson is currently following the California State Governor's Stay at Home Orders, in addition to listening to her doctors about staying home as much as possible as her health condition places her at risk. All of Monica's artwork is still for sale online in the Art Shop, but please understand that orders outside of Modesto, California will take longer to ship out, especially since going out and being around others places the Artist at a greater risk as well as shipping companies are being overburdened with the current pandemic.

Thank You for your understanding. Feel free to Contact the Artist if you have any questions.


Shipping and Handling Info

All artworks marked at $45.00 and up as well as matted art prints are shipped through FedEx. All non-matted drawings at 8 x 11" and larger and non-matted art prints at 11 x 11" and larger will be sent in a poster tube via FedEx.  Smaller artworks and items priced less than $45.00 and art prints at 8 x 10" and smaller will be sent via USPS Flat Rate envelope. 

Shipping and handling prices are based off of the size and weight of the package, cost of packaging and materials, shipping time, tracking and insurance during shipment. FedEx shipping costs are calculated off of FedEx Shipping Calculator and their One Rate prices. Pricing may vary depending on where the artwork is being shipped to, with all artwork being shipped from California. Purchases made within California will be taxed by the current California sales tax rate

Shipment time is generally one to two (1 - 2) weeks, but may be as soon as five (5) business days. This time-frame depends on holiday/seasonal, how large the artwork is and also depending how quickly the artist will be able to get the shipment out. If by chance the artist is unable to get the order shipped right away, the artist will contact the buyer via email, text or phone call. For more details about shipping and handling prices, please refer to the Chart Below.

*Looking for a different shipping method, arrange to pick-up artwork or art prints  from the artist (Modesto, California or nearby residents only). For further questions, please Contact the Artist.

*Shipping currently unavailable for Alaska, Hawaii, Territories of the United States or international shipping. Please Contact the Artist if you live in one of these areas and are still interested in purchasing artwork.

Package Tracking

Once the Artist ships off the package, she will contact the client via email or text with the tracking information. Please be sure that your email and cell phone number are written correctly when filling out the order form so that the Artist is able to send the tracking information.


If the package and artwork is damaged upon arrival, please contact the local FedEx and file a Claim Form or read about FedEx's Packing Pledge.

If USPS shipping was used, File a Claim with USPS immediately.

*Please Email the Artist at as soon as possible with pictures of any documentation (receipt, invoice, and copy claim), the damaged packaging and artwork. If FedEx or USPS requires any information from the artist, please contact the artist (Monica Gunderson) immediately. All original artwork is insured upon shipment, any damage or loss should be resolved and refunded.

Shipping and Handling Price Chart

Below is a list of what to expect when figuring shipping and handling cost. Pricing may vary depending on the location the artwork is being shipped to (all artwork is being shipped from California). Shipping and handling costs will be added during checkout. Purchases made within California will be taxed for handling and purchase based off of the current California sales tax rate.


Shipping Price

  • Artistic Tins
  • Greeting Cards
  • Mary Jane Stickers
  • Handcrafted Jewelry
  • Octopus Gentlemen Post-Card
  • Art Prints 8 x 10 inches or smaller
  • Octopus Gentlemen Pin-Back Buttons
  • Autumn Art at 8 x 10 inches and smaller
  • Small Drawings at 8.5 x 11 inches and smaller
  • Small Acrylic Paintings on Mat Board at 8 x 10 inches and smaller

USPS Flat Rate Price:


  • Autumn Art at 11 x 14 inches
  • Matted Drawings at 8 x 10 and smaller 
  • Acrylic Paintings on Canvas as 6 x 6 inches and 8 x 8 inches

FedEx Price:

$19.50 to $36.50

  • Small Sculpture
  • All Matted Art Prints
  • Non-Matted Drawings
  • Matted Drawings at 12 x 16 inches
  • Art Prints at 11 x 11 inches and larger
  • All Mixed Media (except for Autumn Art)
  • Acrylic Paintings on Canvas at 8 x 10 inches to 12 x 24 inches

FedEx Price:

$26.50 to $46.50

  • All Plaster Masks
  • Acrylic Paintings on Canvas at 20 x 24 inches and larger

FedEx Price:

$126.50 to $186.50

*Pricing may vary depending on the location the artwork is being shipped to. For any questions or concerns, please Contact the Artist.

Last Updated: 03/19/2019

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