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Sunset at Diamond Lake Oregon - Acrylic Painting for Sale

Sunset at Diamond Lake Oregon © 2018 Monica Gunderson - All Rights Reserved; Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited


As businesses are reopening in Stanislaus County California, Fine Artist Monica Gunderson is continuing to take precautions due to health reasons which places her at risk of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Future events are cancelled until further notice. All of Monica's artwork is available for sale online in the Art Shop, all artwork is being shipped out; local pick up is currently not available at this time.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in the matter. Feel free to Contact the Artist if you have any questions.

Fine Artist Monica Gunderson

Original Art and Prints for Sale

Welcome to Artist Monica Gundersons' creative and colorful art gallery and online store. Located in Modesto California, Monica is a self-taught artist specializing in acrylic paintings, ink pen drawings and also enjoys creating with other art mediums such as mixed media and upcycled art. Many of her artworks include sea animals, landscapes, sunsets and inspirations from her adventures, creative dreams or experiences in her everyday life. When the Artist goes on adventures whether it is camping, hiking, walking through the city, exploring the beach or visiting one of the local art museums or aquariums, she finds her inspiration! Normally during these extrusions, the Artist will take pictures of whatever inspires her and she will later draw or paint the image in her art studio, sometimes artworks are based off of the Artists' memory.

Monica is inspired by impressionism artistic style by utilizing bright vivid colors, texture, bold brush strokes and the use of pointillism, a technique of the use of several colored dots to create or color an image. The Artist enjoys using bright colors and paints, draws or creates her art as she sees the world through the her eyes. This is especially true since the Artist has vision condition, but prefers to not wear her glasses while creating art. The Artist feels that looking through her glasses when creating her artwork "does not feel right. I want the artwork to be authentic, to what I see". In addition to vision, she also has chronic pain and continues to move forward within the art world and making adjustments as needed so she can continue her passion in creating art and sharing her artistic endeavors with the world.


Looking for that perfect drawing or painting? Purchase unique acrylic paintings, drawings, mixed media, or other art piece to brighten and liven up any room through the Online Art Shop. Be sure to check out the Artists' limited time only handcrafted bottle charm jewelry. Have questions? Feel free to contact the Artist.

Please Note: Monica is not taking any commission gigs at this time due to health reasons. She is currently taking time away from her art to focus on self care, and is also taking appropriate precautions during the current pandemic.  

Thank You for your understanding.


Copyright - Fine Artist Monica GundersonNotice of Copyright! ALL of Monica's artwork is copyrighted and are protected by law. Please DO NOT use or copy artwork without the permission of the Artist. Read More about the Artists' Copyright Policy.

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